MVTec 2021-2022 collaboration

During the 2021-2022 season we have been honored to have MVTec as one of our main sponsors.

MVTec is a leading international manufacturer in the field of computer vision software. Thanks to its HALCON software, any project can have at its fingertips high-level technologies such as 3D vision, machine learning or distributed systems solutions.

Thanks to MVTec’s support with HALCON, we have been able to take advantage of their powerful 3D calibration tools to obtain a perfect location of our cameras within our system as well as their matching systems to three-dimensionally locate our road markers.

HALCON is more than just a computer vision software and what we have used so far is only the surface of the potential we can reach with it. Thanks to its easy compatibility with Python and C++ we will be able to fully integrate it with our work environment as well as being able to use its interfaces with AI interfaces such as Open VINO and TensorRT to bring algorithms that usually require large computers to the small embedded system that is our onboard computer.

Thanks to MVTec for giving us the opportunity this season to take advantage of the great capabilities of HALCON and we hope to continue taking more and more advantage of it in future seasons.

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