UPC ecoRacing trusts JBM for the manufacture of the racing car

UPC ecoRacing faces this final stretch of manufacturing with enthusiasm and optimism regarding this year’s competitions, in Formula Student Netherlands, Formula Student Spain and finally, Formula Student Germany, where they will face the thirty best teams in the world both in standalone mode as in manual mode.

The UPC ecoRacing team is confident that the car will be competitive in the different competitions that will take place this year, thanks to the use of high-quality tools and products and the experience and dedication of its team of engineers and mechanics.

The collaboration with JBM has been essential to achieve the necessary quality and safety standards in the manufacture of the single-seater, which gives them the confidence to compete at the highest level. One of the advantages of JBM tools is their quality, since they are made of resistant and durable materials that guarantee their use for long periods of time without deteriorating. In addition, they have an ergonomic design that facilitates their use and avoids fatigue in the hands of the operator, which translates into greater efficiency and productivity in the manufacturing process.

In conclusion, using JBM tools and products in the manufacture of the UPC ecoRacing car is crucial to achieve the expected results in terms of quality, efficiency and precision. The quality and variety of JBM tools and products are a key factor in achieving the quality and safety standards necessary in the manufacture of a competition vehicle.