UPC ecoRacing, Formula Student’s best Spanish team

Este pasado 29 de agosto concluyó la Formula Student Spain, el único evento del estado de Formula Student, en el cual UPC ecoRacing ha sido proclamado como mejor equipo español de entre los 25 participantes de alrededor del territorio estatal. La competición empezó el pasado 25 de agosto en el circuito catalán de Montmeló, un evento donde se dieron cita los mejores equipos del panorama europeo y mundial.


The 2016 ecoRZ attained great results, both in dynamic and static events. Proof are the 4th position in the Cost, Manufacturing and Sustainability event, the 8th position in the design or the time set on the acceleration event. In this one the vehicle did the 75m in only 3,663 seconds, the best time among cars with rear wheel drive, even surpassing many vehicles with four wheel drive. This spectacular result adds to the successes already obtained, result of drawing out the maximum potential of the car’s systems, along with their upgrade, made all over the season.

Furthermore, in spite of the harsh conditions of the endurance, the ecoRZ proved for the third time the reliability and integrity of its design by completing it successfully despite the hard conditions and the difficulty of the track. The sum of all these successes supposed for the team the 7th position on the overall ranking and the 1st position among the Spanish teams, both electric and combustion ones, thus rising with the award to the best Spanish team.


In this manner ends a season full of successes for UPC ecoRacing, a huge achievement in our country, because the team has risen to the podium in all three competitions, the most demanding and prestigious Formula Student events. The season started in the Formula Student, at the legendary track of Silverstone, where the 2016 ecoRZ rose as the most efficient car of the competition, and where the team achieved the 1st position among the electric vehicles on the Cost, Manufacturing and Sustainability event. Consequently, the team consolidated the 11th position on the overall, with the 3rd position on the cost event. This, the most international, prestigious and demanding competition of the three ended with the team on the 8th position on the overall.


Thus, the great results of the Formula Student Spain set an end to a season full of successes, well-deserved after more than 30.000 hours of work invested by the students on this great project. The great results attained at Montmeló, added to the ones obtained in Europe, reassert UPC ecoRacing as the state’s best team, on the top 10 of electric vehicles on all competitions this season, only surpassed by teams with much more experience and budget. It poses as an important milestone for the team, as it never happened before and it is a very difficult achievement considering the high level of the events. Even so, through the effort and teamwork of all its members, UPC ecoRacing has obtained a place among the best Formula Student teams around Europe.

All these achievements would have not been possible without the help of all our sponsors and collaborators, essential all over this season. In behalf of all the team, thank you for all the trust put into the project and the support given!