The ecoRZ ratifies its title of most efficient car at Formula Student Germany

UPC ecoracing, with the new 2016 ecoRZ, has arisen for the second time in a row this season as the most efficient electric car, also achieving the 8th position on the Formula Student Electric, the FSE, the category of Formula Student Germany meant for electric vehicles. Moreover, the team has obtained the 3rd position at the Cost, Manufacturing and Sustainability event, which evaluates the cost and justification of all materials and processes used in the fabrication of the vehicle.


This last Tuesday, 9th of August, started the Formula Student Germany, one of the most renowned and waited for Formula Student events from all over the world. Students from 111 teams, 73 combustion and 38 electric, met up at the Hockenheim circuit in one of the most international competitions of the European panorama. This stands out for being one of the most demanding and tough Formula Student competitions, fact that is showed at the start on the entrance requirements, a simultaneous test for all teams where only the first ones to answer correctly obtain one of the places in the competition. UPC ecoRacing was among these, thus becoming the only electric team of the state to participate in the FSE.

The high level of the competition become clear over the first days with the technical inspections, the scrutineering, which make sure that all vehicles are compliant with the rules, thus ensuring the safety of the dynamic events. The ecoRZ overcame them without incidents, participating in all the dynamic events of the competition, which were also very demanding. An example was the endurance, the resistance test in which the cars have to go over 22 km, putting to test the integrity and performance on track. The German circuit was complicated, but regardless of the technical demands the ecoRZ completed the event without any setbacks, becoming one of the only 6 electric vehicles to score, arising as the FSE most efficient car, with 100 points obtained of 100 possible.


UPC ecoRacing, with its new ecoRZ, despite being the first time to compete in Germany has obtained great results, fact that verifies the soundness and integrity of the vehicle, as well as the detail and preparation of the static events. In this manner continues a season plagued with successes on the most renowned and demanding competitions, which will end at home, in the Formula Student Spain at the Catalan circuit of Montmeló.


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