ecoRZ 2016, Formula Student’s most efficient car

The new ecoRZ of 2016 is the most efficient car of FSUK, one of the most demanding and prestigious events of its kind, which takes place at the well-known circuit of Silverstone. Moreover, the team has achieved the 3rd position at the Cost, Manufaturing and Sustainability event, which evaluated the justification of all materials and processes used throughout the construction of the car.


This last Tuesday, 12th of July, started the Formula Student UK 2016, the first event of this season in which the team has participated, a competition that reunites the best university teams. Engineering students from more than 26 different countries and 140 teams have met in what has become one of the most international and multitudinous events of the Formula Student.

Over the first days of the competition the main objective is to pass Scrutineering, the technical inspection that determines whether the cars fulfils the strict rules, which guarantee the safety of the dynamic events. The 2016 ecoRZ was one of the first vehicles to pass successfully said inspection, and thus it had the honour of participating in the parade lap around the Silverstone circuit, reserved only to the cars that on the second day of inspections already had the green light to participate in dynamic events.


At the same time, the team was preparing the static events, where prestigious professionals of the automotive sector evaluate traits of the car such as its cost, sustainability design or its hypothetical place into the market. In these the team has obtained good results, among which stands out the 3rd position in the Cost, Manufacturing and Sustainability event. In this every component, material and process used in the construction of the car is recorded, and therefore it is thoroughly revised that every detail is registered and accounted for.

At last, it was time for the dynamic events, in which the performance and resilience of the cars is demonstrated. The ecoRZ passed them without incidents, but it is in the Endurance, the resistance event, where the capacity and integrity of the vehicles is truly put to test. Not only did the ecoRZ complete it without any setback, as it rose as the car with the best energy consumption/performance relation on the track, fact that appoints it as the most efficient car of the 2016 Formula Student UK. Furthermore, UPC ecoRacing achieved the 11th position in the overall ranking, being the 3rd amongst the electric cars.


With these great results the team starts a season that promises many successes, result of a year of hard work and perseverance, ruled over by the determination of surpassing themselves and keep innovating in the field of the sustainable automotive technologies. The team is already getting ready for the next competition, Formula Student Germany, another of the most prestigious and well-known Formula Student events. All this could not have been possible without the support and help of the sponsors and collaborators. On behalf of all the team, thank you!

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