UPC ecoRacing, champion of the Australasia competition

Once finished the 2015-2016 season, after competing in the three most important competitions of the European scene, disputed in the circuits of Silverstone (United Kingdom), Hockenheim (Germany) and Montmeló (Spain), UPC ecoRacing has entered the worldwide TOP 10 of electric cars, maintaining its status as the best team in the state. For the 2016-2017 season, which is just beginning, the team set a very ambitious objective: to compete in another continent. Specifically, the team traveled to Melbourne, Australia. There it competed with the reference teams from outside the European continent, teams from countries like Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Tasmania or Australia. There the team was able to see technical innovations resulting from the engineers of those countries and, therefore, different from those that are commonly seen in Europe.


Even so the team has been able to demonstrate its long history, and, thanks to the great effort of all its members, it has been able to surpass all these teams. In static events or engineering tests where, among other things, the team has to justify to the judges the design of the car, UPC ecoRacing achieved a 1st place in the Design event and a 3rd position in the Business Plan.


Once the part of the static events and the necessary technical inspection to get the car started was over, the team prepared for the dynamic events, one of the most important challenges of this Australian competition. There the ecoRZ had to compete in all the tests demonstrating its reliability and high performance. Especially, it has to be noted the Endurance event of more than 45km, divided in two batches, a fact that does not occur in Europe, where there is only an Endurance event of 22km. The team passed all events successfully, getting a 3rd place in the Acceleration event and finishing with very good pace the two Endurance events, where it also achieved the 3rd position in the Efficiency. Adding all these successes meant for the team a great 1st position in the overall classification of electric vehicles.


Thus, the team begins the season 2016/2017 following the line of success of the previous one. UPC ecoRacing has achieved unprecedented success in Europe by being the first team to get to run in Australia, winning the competition. This way UPC ecoRacing accumulates successes almost in all continents: Europe, America and now, Oceania.

The ecoRZ car has already embarked on its return journey to traverse the more than 25,000km that separate Terrassa from Melbourne. This challenge has been made possible by companies such as SEAT, KOSTAL, VENAIR or RÜCKER LYPSA, honorary sponsors of the project.