VENAIR, continue as a honorary sponsor of UPC ecoRacing for one more year this 2018-2019 season

The company from Terrassa supports the team of UPC ecoRacing since the 2014-15 season.

Venair, an engineering with more than 30 years of history, is specialized in the design and manufacturing of hoses and special pieces of silicone, in different sectors like industrial, biotechnology and pharmaceutical.

Venair collaborates with their technology and services in manufacturing of the single seater of the UPC ecoRacing team.

Last Friday, May 24, the members of UPC ecoRacing, a team of the Formula Student with whom Venair collaborated providing their technology and knowledge in silicone pieces, visited the facilities to get to know their products first hand and the innovations they have made. This visit has been a great opportunity for young students to be in touch with the technologies of the present and the future.

During the visit, the team showed the new improvements of the new car made from the information collected on the competitions of the past summer.

The ecoRX 2019 of UPC ecoRacing will participate in four competitions of the Formula Student, the competition of excellence of engineering in the world. The single seater, it is going to be tested in Germany, Hungary, Netherlands and Spain, where the last competition takes place in the “Circuit de Catalunya”.

The team is thankful to Venair for trusting in the project these last 5 years, not only within economical level but technical too. Sponsoring companies like Venair are key to the formation of future engineers of the team. This support has as a consequence the good results obtained on past competitions between technical universities of around the world.

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