UPC ecoRacing and Venair together for sixth consecutive seasons

The multinational company keeps supporting the UPC ecoRacing ambitious project.

UPC ecoRacing is a technological research association formed by engineering students from the Terrassa School of Industrial, Aerospace and Audiovisual Engineering with the main objective of developing new technologies in the field of sustainable automotive.

The team was born in 2008, and in 2010 introduced the first hybrid racing car designed and manufactured in Spain, the ecoR2. Over the following years, the team continued growing, deepen their study of the car, and evolving its concept, achieving numerous trophies during those seasons, including a third position at Formula Hybrid Michigan 2012. In 2013, with the entry of new members, the team made the natural leap towards the first 100% electric concept of UPC ecoRacing, the ecoRZ.

In 2015, the team started the season with the aim of bringing ecoRZ design to reality and competing with it in three of the most prestigious competitions in the Formula Student: Formula Student Spain, Formula Student UK and Formula Student Italy. This ambitious goal coincided with the beginning of the collaboration between UPC ecoRacing and Venair as one of the main sponsors of the project, which also provided technical support by providing the team with custom-made and high-quality cooling tubes, which further increased the performance and competitiveness of ecoRZ 2015.

Achieving the goals throughout the season revealed two aspects: the growth of the team and the importance of supports such as the one with Venair.

Noticia Venair 1

The ecoRZ 2015 during test season.

In 2016, with the aim of further evolving in the ecoRZ concept, UPC ecoRacing maintained its upward trajectory by winning the Most Efficient Car Award twice in England and Germany, reaching the third place in the overall classification of electric vehicles in the Formula Student UK, and winning the Best Spanish Team Award from more than 25 teams across Spain.

Noticia Venair 2

The ecoRZ 2016 during its presentation.

During the 2017 season, the evolution of the ecoRZ concept was culminated with the ecoRZ 2017. The season started with the great challenge of being the first european electrical team competing in the Formula Student Australasia, in Melbourne, where the team showed the improvement of the vehicle by winning in the category of electric vehicles. Afterwards, the 2017 season ended in Formula Student Spain, where the ESEIAAT team beat, for the second consecutive year, the world acceleration record for a Formula Student single-seater with rear wheel drive. At the end of the season, UPC ecoRacing positioned itself as the seventh best team in the Student Formula World Rankings.

Noticia Venair 3

The ecoRZ 2017 in Formula Student Spain

In the 10th anniversary season of UPC ecoRacing, the team took on the great challenge of implementing state-of-the-art technology: all-wheel drive with a separate motor on each wheel. Thus, the ecoRX, the vehicle presented for the 2017-2018 season, had a total of four motors, which improved its dynamic behavior on the track, while significantly reducing the time spent on turns. The other major innovation of the new car was the carbon fiber monocoque chassis, the first in UPC ecoRacing’s history. After a year of development, the team competed in Formula Student Spain 2018, where it passed successful technical inspections and, finally, competed in all dynamic events, thus demonstrating the good work done by the members of the project and the good base with which the team would continue growing for the coming seasons.

Noticia Venair 4

The ecoRX 2018 in Formula Student Spain

After a year of evolution of the car, this past season the team has been able to launch the most technologically advanced vehicle of UPC ecoRacing to date, the ecoRX 2019. With it, the team has competed in the four most important and demanding international competitions in the current Formula Student scenario: the Formula Student Netherlands, the Formula Student East, the Formula Student Germany and, finally, the Formula Student Spain being the first Spanish team to compete four times in a single year. The results speak for themselves, UPC ecoRacing continues being the team with the best records in Spain with a total of 31 trophies, thanks to the five won this last campaign.

Noticia Venair 5

Team members with the ecoRX 2019

For the upcoming seasons, the team has set new goals as ambitious as ever, including the development of the first autonomous vehicle in the history of UPC ecoRacing, continuing the evolution of the concepts developed by the team, fighting season after season to continue at the forefront of technology.

This is why is vitally important for UPC ecoRacing to highlight the value of collaborations such as the one that Venair has made possible, allowing not only the development of a 100% electric car for five seasons but directly contributing to the training of the engineers of the future during all these years.