Estamp renew with UPC ecoRacing for 2019-2020 season

The company form Terrassa will continue supporting UPC ecoRacing ambitious project for the second year in a row

UPC ecoRacing is a technological research association formed by engineering students from the Terrassa School of Industrial, Aerospace and Audiovisual Engineering with the main objective of developing new technologies in the field of sustainable automotive.

The team was born in 2008, and in 2010 was introduced the first hybrid racing car designed and manufactured in Spain, the ecoR2. In 2014, the team debuted with a purely electric vehicle, the ecoRZ. In 2018, the team made a big technological leap by designing and building the ecoRX, the first all-wheel drive electric vehicle with an engine on every wheel across the country.

Last season, Estamp, an automotive multinational with more than 35 years of experience, joined UPC’s ambitious ecoRacing project. With the help of Estamp, this last season, the team has managed to bring to the track the most technologically advanced vehicle of UPC ecoRacing to date, the ecoRX 2019. With this, the team has competed in the four most important events of Formula Student, winning five trophies that have allowed the team to be, once again, the team with the best record in the state with a total of thirty-one trophies.

Noticia Estamp 1

Contract signing ceremony

For the coming seasons, the team has set new goals as ambitious as ever, including the development of the first autonomous vehicle in the history of UPC ecoRacing. In this way, the team continues the evolution of the concepts developed during all these years, fighting season after season to stay at the forefront of technology.

The development of this new 100% autonomous concept involves a complete sensorization of the car. These sensors will act as a driver, allowing the vehicle itself to know its position and condition on the track always, so that it can decide its trajectory and thus turn, accelerate or brake when necessary.

Noticia Estamp 2

ecoRX 2019 in a test before competitions

Despite the implementation of the autonomous system, the designed vehicle will allow to switch between manual and autonomous driving as desired, in order to improve more easily and to decide in each competition with which type of driving mode the team wants to compete.

For UPC ecoRacing, it is therefore vitally important to highlight the value of collaborations such as the one that Estamp has made possible, allowing not only the team to continue to grow in the line of success it has had since its inception, but by directly contributing to the training of the engineers of the future.