UPC EcoRacing participates in the 4th Sabadell Motor and Competition Fair

fira motor

The past weekend, 28th and 29th of November, took place in Sabadell the 4th Motor and Competition Fair. UPC ecoRacing had the opportunity to participate, showing the ecoRZ, the electric car that has achieved so many successes in the recent seasons.

All over the weekend, motorsport fans and interested people had the opportunity to know about this world and enjoy the models on display. From rally cars to motorcycles, the Motor and Competition Fair was a sample of this field in all its forms and ages. Thus, in the fair electric models were also present, currently one of the alternatives to the combustion engine more developed and extended. More specifically, the ecoRZ posed as an example of this emerging technology in the context of motorsport competition.

Many attendees and participants in the fair wanted to know about the ecoRZ. Among these, some were surprised by the existence of a competition like Formula Student, while some already knew about it, like students interested in the project. So, no one doubted to make questions to the team members, who answered delighted and explained all about the project.

In conclusion, all the team wants to thank the attendees for their attention and the organizers for the opportunity to participate on this event and the possibility to make the project known.

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