The CFP and UPC ecoRacing collaborate in the manufacturing of the wheel assembly of the new ecoRX

The wheel set is one of the fundamental parts of the new UPC ecoRacing single-seater, the first electric one with total traction of the state.

The Centre de Formació Pràctica from Manresa has been responsible for the manufacturing of the four uprights that hold each of the four motors of the ecoRX, the first electric vehicle with full state traction.


The upright is the one in charge of transmitting the forces of the wheel to the arms of suspension, besides lodging the 8 gears that form the transmission system. Each of the four sets of the wheel has been designed to transmit through this transmission, a pair of 300 Nm, providing a total torque of 1200 Nm and an acceleration of 0 to 100 km / h in 2.4 seconds.


The mechanization of these parts, of aluminum of aeronautical quality (7075-T6), is made with a milling machine with numerical control (CNC) of five axes that is able to reproduce, with an error of less than 0.01mm, the needs required by the design of these complex pieces of the car. Thanks to this, the final result is an upright system with a reduction of 15% of the weight compared to previous specifications, in addition to a complete adaptability to the wheel transmission system that incorporates the ecoRX. Below is a video of the machining process carried out by the CFP.

The uprights are a key part that must also be adapted to the appropriate suspension points according to the relevant vehicle dynamics studies. The current design seeks to optimize the structure in order to make it lighter, as well as to facilitate the adjustment of different parameters regarding the tuning of the car, such as the tire's fall.

This is just one example of the work and complexity that involves making a four-wheel drive car with an engine in each wheel, and also the importance of the sponsors and collaborators of the project in the process of building a vehicle never seen in Spain, as is the ecoRX.