Static events of Formula Student: design engineering

Static events evaluate the engineering reasoning behind each piece of the car


Formula Student, the ultimate engineering competition of the university world, divides the events in which competitors take part in two major blocks: static and dynamic events. These first ones are what will be explained below, and constitute almost a third of the total score of the competition.


With a score of 325 out of 1000 maximum points that a college team can achieve during the course of a competition, static events consist of three evaluations: Design, Cost, Manufacturing & Sustainability, and the Businnes Plan. The event that has the most score and the most important of the statics is the Design, where a group of judges formed by experts in the automotive and technological sector evaluate the ideas, concepts and design processes applied to each car. This also makes it an ideal test to self-evaluate and learn through the feedback and suggestions the judges give.

The second most important test, with a score of 100 points, is Cost, Manufacturing & Sustainability, where also with the car in the box, another group of experts evaluate the manufacturing processes chosen and determine whether the quality/cost ratio is the appropriate, as well as the environmental impact that causes the manufacture, use and maintenance of the racing cars.


Finally, the Business Plan (75 points) evaluates a business idea applied to the car or related to it, which each university has developed and has to defend in a presentation to theoretical investors. This test evaluates the ability of engineers to transform technology into a business idea.

UPC ecoRacing has won numerous successes in the static tests, among which the victory in the Design in the Formula SAE Australasia, a second position in the Cost, Manufacuring & Sustainability in the Formula Student Spain 2017 or the global victory in the statics of the 2012 Formula Hybrid held in the United States. In two weeks, do not miss the article about dynamic events!