UPC ecoRacing celebrated its tenth anniversary with a massive event

On January 25th, the Associació d’Investigació Tecnològica Ecoracing formed by students celebrated a decade of commitment to sustainable mobility


The facilities of the circuit of Can Padró, located in Catellbell i el Vilar, hosted on Friday 25th January the event of the 10 years of UPC ecoRacing, with the presence of sponsors, partners, part of the ESEIAAT management team, former members of the association and the current team. In addition, it also had the presence of Mr. Francesc Torres, Dean of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.


During the ceremony, the history of the team was reviewed from its beginnings in 2008, when a group of students from the UPC of Terrassa decided to enter the world of sustainable automotive with the aim of training for their professional future in a multidisciplinary and practical way, besides innovating in leading technologies within the automotive sector.


The first results arrived in 2010 when, despite the inexperience, UPC ecoRacing presented the first fully-designed and manufactured hybrid competition car, the ecoR2. With the first prototype, the project began its involvement in the Formula Student, the most prestigious engineering competition for students, and overt the years it has emerged as the most awarded team in the entire State.


Over the following years, UPC ecoRacing made the first steps in the 100% electric technology developing a concept, the ecoRZ, which would deserve the victory in Italy, being the first team from the State to achieve it. The development process did not stop there, and in 2016 UPC ecoRacing won the most efficient single-seater award in the two most important competitions on the international scene: the Formula Student UK, held at the legendary Silverstone circuit in the United Kingdom, and Formula Student Germany, disputed at the historic Hockenheim circuit. In this way, ecoRZ 2016 became the most efficient Formula Student single-seater in Europe.

UPC ecoRacing has always been characterized by its international vision and the desire to project its innovations all over the world, as shown by the participation in competitions such as the 2012 Formula Hybrid in the USA, in which the ecoR2 achieved the third position, or the Formula SAE Australasia 2016, where it achieved the absolute victory in Electric Vehicles with the ecoRZ 2017.

2018 has been a very important year for the project, not only for the 10th anniversary, but also for the presentation of ecoRX, the first electric vehicle of the State with total traction. With a motor on each wheel, the car is capable of offering performance and efficiency very high, which, after being implemented successfully during this last season, will be put to the test in the most prestigious international competitions of the Formula Student.


The event began with the welcome to all attendees along with the exhibition of the three most significant vehicles of the team such as the ecoR2, the ecoRZ and the ecoRX whom focused the interest of all the attendees, as they could see the notorious technological evolution that the project has had throughout its 10 years. Along with the vehicle, he had also exhibited all the awards and trophies that the team has achieved since its debut in the Formula Student.


Then, a presentation was made by the team members where the history of the team was reviewed as well as the evolutions of all the vehicles and the successes achieved in all these 10 years. After the explanation, and accompanied by a breakfast, the attendees could continue talking with team members about their curiosities of the different models exposed as well as the new season, in which UPC ecoRacing will compete in different international competitions.


Following breakfast, the team had prepared a surprise for all attendees. This was nothing less than being able to see in full action on the Can Padró circuit the ecoRX, the innovative electric car presented last June. In this demonstration it was possible to observe the good behaviour in the curves of the car as well as its great acceleration, which impacted many of the attendees gathered there.


Finally, the ceremony concluded with a diploma presentation to all the companies whom collaborate with the project by Francesc Torres, the Dean of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.