Trofeus 2019

UPC ecoRacing, passion, work, learning and success.

Competing is not among the main objectives of UPC ecoRacing. The main goals are learning and professional growth in a bid for a more efficient and sustainable future. However, the team always works with the thrill of being able to measure their designs with the best universities in the world in the engineering competitions in which UPC ecoRacing participates.

All the success the team has achieved was made possible through all the sponsors and collaborators who put all their confidence in the project.



First position EV Formula SAE Australasia 2016


First Position Design - Formula SAE Australasia 2016


Most Awarded Team - Formula SAE Australasia 2016


Best Spanish Team Award – FS Spain 2016

copa14 Most Efficient Vehicle – FS Germany 2016
copa15 Most Efficient Vehicle – Formula Student 2016
corona2 First Spanish team to win a Formula Student Competition
copa16 First Position in Formula SAE Italy 2014 Classe 3
copa17 First Position in the Static Events Formula Hybrid International (EE.UU.) 2012
copa31 Third position overall Formula Hybrid International (EE.UU.) 2012
corona3 Award to Entrepreneurship 2012, from the Associació d’Amics i Antics Alumnes de l’ESEIAAT
copa21 Second in the Formula Student Spain 2011
copa22 Second in the Formula Student Electric and Hybrid Italy 2010
corona4 First hybrid-electric Formula Student of Spain (Season 2009/2010)