UPC ecoRacing, in the course of designing the ecoRZ - 2016

Fi de temporada 2015


After having ended a few weeks earlier the season’s last competition, the team has not stopped and is already working on next year’s ecoRZ. Having returned from the competitions, an assessment of the season was made, in which we competed with UPC ecoRacing’s first 100% electric vehicle.


Last tests before the Formula Student Spain

ultimos test 1


UPC ecoRacing has made  final adjustments to his new car before coming to the Formula Student Spain.

These last few weeks the team from Terrassa has done several training to get stronger than ever  to Montmeló.


Hitachi and UPC ecoRacing together for the construction of the new ecoRZ

The international company with presence in Terrassa adds to sustainable mobility competition project with the team of the ETSEIAT.



UPC ecoRacing introduces its new ecoRZ in front of over 300 people


The new car of the students of the School of Industrial and Aeronautical Engineering of Terrassa saw the light in the auditorium of the same school and has been released to the public at the International Motor Show in Barcelona.



Enchufing, new team's sponsor

We are delighted to announce that UPC ecoRacing and Enchufing have reached a partnership agreement and the Catalan company of installation of charging stations adds to the project as a sponsor.



UPC ecoRacing unveils the new ecoRZ

The team will present at the School of Industrial and Aeronautical Engineering of Terrassa the car that will compete at Silverstone, Montmeló and Riccardo Paletti this summer.



SEAT is commited to UPC ecoRacing and the electric vehicles

The car manufacturer SEAT becomes Main Sponsor of the team of Terrassa.