ABB returns to trust on UPC ecoRacing and their ecoRZ

The multinational corporation reaffirms its commitment to the sustainable competition automotive and becomes the new Terrassa’s Team partner.



UPC ecoRacing wins the III award of entrepreneurship of the “Associació d’Amics i Antics Alumnes de l’ETSEIAT”

The team from Terrassa has received the award this morning during the celebration of the Forum d'empreses in the ETSEIAT.



Pro-Circuits reaffirms its commitment to UPC ecoRacing for the construction of ecoRZ

After successes achieved by the ecoR2, Pro-Circuits will continue to work with UPC ecoRacing for the development of the ecoRZ.



Industries Metadell commits to the new 100% electric car of UPC ecoRacing: the ecoRZ

The company from Terrassa will participate in the construction of the new ecoRZ, the most ambitious project of UPC ecoRacing.



Three countries, three competitions, one target

The team from Terrassa will compete this summer in three of the most important Formula Student competitions where the best universities in the world are involved.



Venair Ibérica becomes the new honor sponsor of UPC ecoRacing. The aim of the project is to build a 100% electric Catalan Racing

The International company of Terrassa will work with the Technological Research Association UPC ecoRacing from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia for the development of a 100% electric car to compete internationally in the Formula Student.



UPC ecoRacing visit and reaffirms collaboration with Recam Làser, a company that helped in building successful ecoR2

Last Tuesday 18th a meeting was held between UPC ecoRacing and Recam Làser in Caldes to thank the support shown in the construction of ecoR2 without which had not garnered its success.



UPC ecoRacing unveils ecoRZ's design

The presentation took place in the auditorium of ETSEIAT and was attended by Juan Antonio Gallardo (Councillor of Presidency and College of Terrassa), Miguel Mudarra (ETSEIAT director), Professor David Gonzalez (Assistant Manager of Business, Educational Cooperation and Student's Projects ), sponsors and other members of the university.



Oficial ecoRZ design presentation

Poster uni presentacioecoRZ

UPC ecoRacing presents the design of its new car: the ecoRZ. The project which was close to perfection in Italy (323/325 pts) will be released after a long year of hard work.
The event will take place in the Auditorium of the Faculty of ETSEIAT (Terrassa) at 17:00 and will be attended by the Director of ETSEIAT, sponsors, representatives from multiple companies and all persons wishing to attend.



Champions of the Formula SAE Italy 2014!

After 4 days at the Formula SAE Italy we are proud to announce that we have achieved the first position of the podium and hence we proclaimed champions of the Formula SAE Italy 2014, involving more than 80 teams of the best universities in Europe and the World. Thus, we were the first spanish team to reach the highest step of the podium in a Formula Student event!