Why collaborating with us?

For the continuous development of this ambitious project we need the support from those companies and institutions that are ready and willing to back a unique initiative in our territory. This initiative, for the moment, has resulted in the very first hybrid formula race car in Spain and the most successful university project in this category in our country. From UPC ecoRacing we want to thank all the support from different institutions and companies that have supported the association because without their collaboration all successes would not have been possible. 

The profiles of our sponsors are dynamic institutions and businesses that are eager to preempt the future and respect the environment. By collaborating with the UPC ecoRacing they project an image of sensitivity towards higher education, research and the social benefits that these suppose for our society. Moreover, this is a direct form of publicity within both the university community and various technological and industrial sectors, where these initiatives enjoy a high degree of popularity.
Various forma of collaboration are possible and hence, if you’re interested in this project do not hesitate to contact us. The UPC ecoRacing team will gladly be at your disposal.

Honor Sponsors