The entities that collaborate with us are the ones that make this project possible. We share the illusion, the knowledge and the triumphs.

Why should you collaborate with us?

To continue developing this ambitious project we need the support of institutions and companies that want to support an unprecedented initiative in our territory and that, for the moment, has already become the most successful university project of its category in Spain. From UPC ecoRacing we want to thank all the support of the different institutions and companies that have supported and still support the training of future engineers who pass through the team year after year, because without their collaboration, all the achievements would not have been possible.

The profile of our sponsors is that of dynamic institutions and companies that are committed to anticipating the future and respecting the environment. By collaborating in this project, they promote the projection of an image that is sensitive to higher education, research in sustainable automotive technologies and the social good that all this means for our community. Furthermore, this is a form of direct publicity between the university community and different technical and industrial sectors, where these initiatives are very popular.

There are many possible reasons for collaboration, so please contact us if this project is of interest to you.

The UPC ecoRacing team will be at your disposal!

Honour Sponsors


The Spanish car company has been designing and manufacturing the most iconic vehicles in our cities since 1950. From the SEAT 1400, which went into production in 1953, to the CUPRA Formentor, the brand has been developing the most cutting-edge technologies in the automotive sector. Moreover, they are still at the forefront of the great mobility industry today, and they do so through projects such as UPC ecoRacing.


Founded in 1912 in the German city of Lüdenscheid, KOSTAL is a business group that provides technological solutions for a wide range of sectors, especially the automotive industry. With a strong commitment to the environment and the aim of maintaining excellence, KOSTAL collaborates with UPC ecoRacing in the future of sustainable mobility.

I Love PDF

I Love PDF is an easy-to-use online service that provides powerful tools for working with PDF files, such as merging, splitting, compressing, converting, and editing. Its intuitive interface and cloud-based architecture make it a popular choice for both professionals and students. In addition, I Love PDF is committed to supporting the future and innovation by sponsoring projects like ours.