KOSTAL, renews as an honorary sponsor of UPC ecoRacing for the 2018-2019 season

The German company has been supporting UPC ecoRacing for 6 years.

KOSTAL continues supporting this season 2018-19, six years next to the team that forms new engineers of the UPC Terrassa.

With 100 years of experience, KOSTAL is a world leader in electronic and mechanical components for different sectors, such as the automotive.

UPC ecoRacing members visited the KOSTAL facilities located in Sentmenat. There, they lived directly the design of mechanical and electronic parts, as well as the optimization of processes. Then, they learned about the manufacturing process of a car button, from injection of plastic, painted, to the assembly of electronic parts.

UPC ecoRacing showed to management and workers of KOSTAL the car that ran last season. With an innovative design, it stands out for incorporating four-wheel drive, first of the State; and a monocoque carbon fibber chassis designed by the future engineers, for first time.

Noticia Kostal 1

Soon, the new UPC ecoRacing car will be showed this season, which will participate in four Formula Student competitions, the competition of engineering excellence worldwide. The car will be tested in Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands and Spain (Circuit de Catalunya).

The team would like to thank KOSTAL for the trust placed in the project during these years. Their support has been essential for the improvement and learning of innovative knowledge, giving great results in the competition between universities around the world.

Noticia Kostal 2